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About the Mini Fridge

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What are the dimensions of The Mini Fridge?

Product Dimensions: 26.8cm x 19cm x 28.4cm

Inner Size: 13cm x 14cm x 21cm

Volume: 4 Litres

Where to place it?

The Mini Fridge is best designed to be placed on a flat surface such as your bathroom slab, vanity counter or your bedside away from any direct sunlight, humidity and heat.

How to install it?

The box contains 2 plugs - AC/ DC, for your home and your car outlet. The Mini Fridge is directly plugged into the socket.

What are the temperature settings?

Cold Setting ~ 15℃ - 20℃ below ambient temperature.

Hot Setting ~ 60℃.

How long will it take for the temperature to become optimal?

The cool/hot mode will be activated immediately once plugged into a power source and can take up to 30 minutes to cool down to the lowest temperature or heat up to the highest temperature. 

Does The Mini Fridge make noise?

Considering The Mini Fridge is mostly stored in the bathroom or bedroom, the product is designed in such a way that it does not make any noise. It runs at only 28db.

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What to  store in The Mini Fridge?

Explore your options with 4 litre storage and removable shelves

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