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Do you REALLY need a Mini Fridge?

Well- Yes, and No.

YASSS! you do really need the mini fridge because your skincare products cannot live without it (literally). Storing your skin care products at an optimal temperature can increase their effectiveness and life by a substantial amount! Sunscreen, for example, is SUPPOSED to be stored at a temperature between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit in order to do its job efficiently. It’s not just sunscreen, - Vitamin C serums, face and body creams, eye creams, mists and toners, aloe vera gel, sheet masks…the list is endless. Do you see that cream lying on your shelf that changed its consistency during the summer? THAT IS AN SOS. Heat is known to separate the active ingredients of your beauty products, change their consistency and ruin them before their expiry date!

What’s more? The benefits of cold skincare are immense. You can bid farewell to puffiness, redness and swelling while you get used to your new calm skin. And obviously, the sheer fun, comfort and soothing effect of having that cold face mask touch your skin!

If all this is not enough, we have another study for you that found that for every 1°C (33°F) change, sebum production decreases by up to 10 percent. Oily skin? Not anymore!

One final benefit that will help you seal the deal- meticulous organization in the cutest compact design and soo many colours!!! Having your skincare routine neatly stacked in our Mini Fridges is an experience in itself. In fact, many of our customers describe it as an ’at-home spa’ experience!

Coming to the second part of the answer- No, you do not need the mini fridge, if you check any of the following criteria;

1. I am superrr rich and have excess money lying around to splurge on my skincare products that go bad/ lose their effectiveness every summer

2. I have a garlic fetish and hence will store my skincare products in a normal refrigerator for some odor diffusion.

3. I have God gifted amazing skin and do not feel any need to protect it. Women in the olden times had amazing skin without using any products, right? (Ozone layer depletion? Pollution? Oh, these are just myths!)

4. I do not believe in investments.

So, go make an informed decision! Great skin doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice.

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