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Skincare never takes a vacation!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Skin care routines are seasonal in nature, and no we don’t mean sunscreen (that’s a must in all seasons!), just up your game from a SPF 15+ in winters to a SPF 30+ in summers and you’re good to go. Don’t let the sun dry up your hot girl summer plans and ruin those sunkissed pictures.

A healthy skin care regime can be as taxing as a 9 - 5, and that’s with a 21 days paid leave. We know that hydration and moisturisation don’t get to take a vacation or even a staycation, but that’s not all. Skin care is demanding and even though it doesn’t involve choosing between mountains and beaches, it does need a seasonal change.

Here’s what to splash your cash more on ~ season version!

Summer Staples Winter Wonders

Foam cleanser Creamy cleanser

Face mist Face oils

Lightweight purifying moisturiser Hydrating water gel based moisturiser

Face sheets Antioxidant-rich face serum

Coffee mask Clay masks

Now coming to the real twist - all these products have something in common! They aren’t fans of their respective season temperatures. Skin care products need to be stored in an optimal temperature in order to increase their shelf lives and to reduce bacteria growth. To solve your seasonal woes, THE MINI FRIDGE Co. brings to you a beauty fridge with hot and cold settings!

Cool me up! Turn on the heat!

Moisturiser Wax & Wax Strips

Toner & Facial Mists Facial Towels

Serums Hair Oils

Face Masks Hair Masks

SPF Face & Essential Oils

Facial tools

Nail Polish


Products containing natural preservatives

It’s true, you need to add a mini fridge to your skin care collection. Anyone who has ever put on a cold sheet mask can tell you there’s no going back. Cold skincare feels nothing short of amazing. Also, they are super adorable and c’mon aren’t they perfect for the ‘gram? Now, is this a guilty pleasure?

Let’s see - it keeps products fresh, makes them last longer and guards them against bacteria. Won’t you agree that we have a conclusive answer after all? Get yourself The Mini Fridge NOW!

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