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Who is that Miss Mini Fridge ?

Who is that? OMG is she carrying a real fridge? Yes, that’s a 4L fridge with a portable handle! No wonder she’s carrying it with that much ease. Meet Miss Mini Fridge.

Miss Mini Fridge finally found a way to keep her skincare organised. The Mini Fridge comes with a hot and cold setting. It’s perfect for some spa time. Is it a cold sheet mask kinda day or a hot oil head massage kinda day? Get both the experiences right with The Mini Fridge.

Who really is Miss Mini Fridge?

  • Miss Mini Fridge is Miss Organised. She likes it compact and convenient!

  • She is an investor. The Mini Fridge prevents growth of bacteria and improves shelf life of products - talk about a smart investment!

  • She cares about the environment. Say hello to an environmentally friendly cooling technology! Also, cool skincare is just OMG. Go on, depuff that skin!

  • She likes to travel. The Mini fridge comes with a car adapter. This is a match!

What are you waiting for? Become a Miss Mini Fridge now! Get your mini fridge here.

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